Dear fellow Skrollers,

First of all, we want to thank all of you for sticking with us during this challenging times. Even though the impact of COVID-19 has meant some delays in our plans, we have been working very hard to overcome the situation and our efforts have paid out. That’s why we are happy to share with you some excitingly good news.

Skroller is in the TOP 10 of CleanTech ideas in Spain!

The past 29th of July, we had the chance to pitch our project in front of several Spanish and European institutions during the Climate Launchpad National Final. The event brought together the most innovative “green” ideas currently targeting the preservation of the environment in the upcoming years.

You can review the whole event in the following link. We will be glad to hear your feedback to keep improving in the future.

Skroller is among the winners of the ScaleUp contest!

We have been shortlisted for the prestigious programme ScaleUp, located in Valencia, which grants exclusive consultancy to disruptive projects with great expansion expectations. The competition was fierce but we still managed to get front row tickets. The programme will allow us to overcome COVID-19 challenges and finish the relocation of our manufacturing process from China to Spain in the next months.

5th Gen is right around the corner!

After all the obstacles we encountered during the first months of 2020, we are excited to announce that we have successfully managed to adapt Skroller according to your feedback. During August we will finish ongoing trials and tests, to re-launch manufacturing in September. Keep an eye on our social media for more updates in the following weeks.

Thank you all for your support and patience, we are coming in hot! Remember to stay healthy and make the most of the summer!

Much love,